Protects your little ones through all their adventures!

This comfortable and refillable band guards your little ones through all their adventures. Wet or dry, your child will have up to 15 days of natural, mosquito protection. Kids will actually WANT to put on this bug repellent! PARA’KITO® uses a proven and patented formula of all-essential oils that shield your body from mosquitoes, as the oils mask the odors they’re attracted to. PARA’KITO® Kids Wristbands are adjustable, waterproof, refillable and completely natural.

A fun protection

Our kids' wristbands aren't just protection; they're a burst of fun and creativity! With their colorful and adorable designs, they turn safety into a playful accessory. Kids actually want to wear them because they're not just wristbands; they're their unique, vibrant companions on every adventure.

A safe protection

We don't cut corners when it comes to your little one's protection. Our formula is a testament to our commitment – it's all-natural essential oils, meticulously infused in each refill pellet. This dedication ensures round-the-clock protection, offering 24 hours a day, for up to 15 days with each refill. No compromises, just pure, effective, and long-lasting defense against pesky mosquitoes.

A waterproof protection

Our kids' bands are the ultimate adventure partners, come rain or shine! Waterproof and durable, they guarantee protection, no matter what high-energy activities your little ones dive into. Whether it's splashing in puddles, building sandcastles, or running wild at the park, these wristbands keep bugs at bay, ensuring your kids are protected during every moment of their adventurous play.

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