ABC - The View co-hosts’ favorite things for summer

ABC - The View co-hosts’ favorite things for summer

We have exciting news to share with you! Our natural mosquito repellents have been featured on the esteemed ABC talk show, The View!

PARA'KITO was one of Whoopi Goldberg's must-have summer items!

"I also know it's summer and I don't like the different DEET things that you try to get the bugs away from you, so these (PARA'KITO products) come in really handy, these are for your wrist, for your ankle. They are called PARA'KITO and you can get them on They can be worn on your wrist, your ankle, they're waterproof, come with two refills, their oil formula is DEET-free - very important. It comes in adult and kid sizes! And they also have sandals, they start at $27, they are the first mosquito repellent sandals, they have a side pouch to insert the mosquito repellent refill" - Whoopi Goldberg in The View

You can see the whole show on ABC here!

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Waterproof, refillable, DEET-free, our mosquito repellent wristbands are your best friend when it comes to mosquito protection! Discover our many designs and enjoy a buzz-free summer.

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