Protection Index

At PARA'KITO, we believe in keeping our customers informed and empowered. That's why you'll find a protection index on our product pages. This index provides a clear and concise explanation of the level of protection guaranteed by our products

Low Protection Index

No products covered

Medium Protection Index

For portable diffusers

High Protection Index

For Sprays & Roll-Ons

Our wristbands, clips and sandals bear the "Medium" protection index for a reason: refill pellets are infused with a blend of 7 natural essential oils especially developed to mask human smell. They reduce your mosquito appeal by confusing the mosquito sense of smell. These portable diffusion products are thoughtfully designed for those with sensitive skin or anyone who prefers not to apply products directly to their skin. They're a perfect choice for babies (when out of their reach) and expectant mothers, providing natural mosquito protection and peace of mind.

Our spray and roll-on display a "High" protection index because they repel mosquitoes more efficiently than portable diffusers thanks to their elaborated plant-based formulas.

Portable diffusers

A lower protection index, a higher duration (up to 15 days per refill pellet, 24/7). Perfect for the outdoor enthusiats who want a natural protection with no skin contact

Skin application

A higher protection index, a lower duration (5H for the roll-on, 8H for the spray). Perfect for adventurers who are searching for a maximum protection
Find out how our wristband work

PARA'KITO wearables reduce your mosquito appeal by masking human presence using a blend of natural essential oils! Discover how on our blog post below