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The Epoch Times

Mosquito Repellent Products For Your Next Trip

By Skye Sherman

Nothing frustrates a trip quite like a smattering of mosquito bites—and beyond just itchy, they can carry potentially life-threatening illnesses. Avoid them with a repellent that doesn’t smell or detract from your travel look: PARA’KITO makes waterproof and refillable bands ($19.50) that you can wear around your wrist or ankle to ward off the winged nuisances. All you have to do is insert the repellent pellet—which is made with seven natural essential oils, including citronella, and is free of DEET, GMOs, and alcohol—into your band. Each pellet promises up to two weeks of protection, and they’re safe for infants, newborns, pregnant women, the allergy-prone—and even the environment.

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