Para'Kito In The News - Trail & Kale Feature:

Para'Kito In The News - Trail & Kale Feature:

A runner’s best friend and a mosquito’s worst enemy!

The team from Trail & Kale Running Co. have been enjoying a decidedly less itchy time on the running trails thanks to PARA'KITO. Wearing our wristbands on their wrists and ankles has been keeping the mosquitoes away while they run and film running shoe reviews on the roads and trails of Northern California. Here’s what they had to say in their recent review of PARA'KITO’s wristbands:

“As someone who reviews running shoes and other gear day in, day out, I increasingly find myself in places (most often on the trails) where I’m stopping mid-run to film video reviews and suffering for the cause by being eaten alive by bugs – especially when I’m out in the woods reviewing trail running shoes.

Wearing one (or two) of PARA'KITO’s wristband insect-repellent diffusers has been a bit of a game changer for me, and could help you too, if you run, or do anything outdoors including hiking, paddle boarding, swimming and camping, in places where mosquitoes exist.

This product is such a great find – an affordable, natural, chemical-free way to help reduce instances of mosquito bites while running, traveling or simply hanging out in places where biting insects are a nuisance. I love that it’s something that I can use to help protect my young son from these insects, too, and the versatility the clip and bracelet wearables offer.”

Alastair Dixon - Editor-in-Chief at Trail & Kale Running Co.

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