PARA’KITO® Is A Natural Mosquito Repellent Wristband That Will Prevent Bites

PARA’KITO® is a natural mosquito repellent wristband that will prevent bites. This is a new and natural approach to the mosquito repellent world. With Summer on the doorstep, PARA’KITO® will come in handy as soon as tomorrow.

The worldwide news was heralding doom and gloom last Summer when the Zika Virus hit Florida and Texas. Scientists in the Florida Keys are still scrambling to release genetically modified mosquitos to wipe out the Zika-carrying mosquitos. The market was flooded with mosquito repellent clothing and new forms of creams. All of those seem like drastic measures when all that you need is a mosquito repellent bracelet.

The PARA’KITO® is an all-natural approach to warding off the blood-sucking bugs. This bracelet provides constant, around the clock prevention from mosquito bites. The active ingredient inside of the PARA’KITO® is refillable mosquito repellent pellets.

The bracelet holds two pellets at a time and those pellets last for 15 days. This can be worn on your ankle or wrist and it is 100% DEET free. As we walk towards Summer I think we can all agree that protecting our skin from mosquito bites is important. The PARA’KITO® is not only the best way to ward of bites it’s also the safest.

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Bundle - 1 Spray + 1 Wristband with 4 Refills

Bundle - 1 Spray + 1 Wristband with 4 Refills$39.00 USD$52.00 USD

Our traveler bundle contains a natural insect repellent spray, a mosquito repellent wristband and 4 refills. It's the perfect companion for adventurers!