Swim in Nusa Penida in Bali

Swim in Nusa Penida in Bali

Nusa Penida: the new dream of every traveller!

To go there you have different possibilities: by speedboat from Sanur Beach and Tanjong Beach or with a public ferry from Padang Bai. It is important to know that if you want to see the entire island and really enjoy your stay, you will need few days even if a day trip is doable.

The island is known to local Balinese as the black magic island. Before it became a tourist place, Nusa Penida was believed by locals to be inhabited by dark spirits. However, even with such negative connotation the island remains an important religious destination.

Once here, it is time to explore! It is really recommended to go to Kelingking Beach even if it is a tourist place: it is the most famous spot of the island. Down, you will find a beautiful secluded beach with a cool clear blue water, but be careful as the path is very broken, narrow and steep…

After this experience, you can go to the Angel’s Billabong which is a beautiful natural rock pool opened straight to the ocean. Broken Beach is famous thanks to her viewpoint on the arched tunnel in the cliffs, allowing the ocean to flow into a pool called Angel’s Billabong.

But the most incredible experience you can do in Nusa Penida island is to swim with manta rays near to Crystal Bay or Gamat Bay. You can stop at the famous Manta Bay for discovering the natural beauty of Crystal Bay and then go to Mangrove Point for the perfect snorkelling adventure in the Indian Ocean.

During your stay in Nusa Penida you will probably enjoy a delicious beach side lunch overlooking a white sand beach. After that, you can also explore some of the most diverse reefs on the planet.

The heart of the island is also interesting to discover. You can get around Nusa Penida by motorbike, walk, bike or car! No trip to a tropical island is complete without waterfall! Visit Seganing Waterfall and its extraordinary natural atmosphere with the water flowing straight to the sea and brownish yellow decoration rocks. There is an underground river that drops into the ocean with a couple man made pools to chill in.

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