Insect Repellent for your Bug-Out Bag?

Insect Repellent for your Bug-Out Bag?

When bugging out becomes a reality, being equipped with proper supplies could make a big difference! In most scenarios, get ready to spend excessive time outdoors with biting mosquitoes around.

Why a Bug-Out Bag (BOB)?

It’s important if you ever need to quickly evacuate your home in the event of an emergency. Natural disasters across the U.S. are more common than you think: earthquakes, wildfires, floods, tornados, hurricanes, and tsunami are some of them. Indeed, The American Red Cross responds to more than 60,000 disasters every year.

A Bug-Out Bag, also known as a survival backpack, contains proper supplies you may need in the event of an emergency. In 2022, it is estimated that only 25% of Americans have a Bug-Out Bag ready to use.

Why adding an Insect Repellent in your checklist?

Try sleeping outside without a bug repellent? Really? The content of your bug-out bag depends on where you live and what you are trying to achieve with it. However, spending most of your time outside, in an urban or rural area, means than mosquitoes and other bugs will most-certainly be buzzing around. Even if not all mosquitoes spread viruses, they can be aggressive bitters and test your nerves. In some U.S. States such as Florida, Texas or California, mosquitoes can make walking outside difficult or at least slow you down during the day and ruin your nights.

Key factors when choosing your Insect Repellent for your Bug-Out Bag

1. Ultra-lightweight

Preparedness is about calculating the weight of your backpack and making sure you can carry it with you. If you want to remain mobile, your backpack and everything inside should not exceed 25% of your body weight. It's a bad idea to pack your favorite electric bug zapper racket or your large metallic spray can!

2. Length of protection

From a few days to several weeks, your insect repellent solution should not only be effective but also long-lasting. As an example, a pocket size pump spray bottle may not be enough for one person for more than 2 to 3 days. Calculating the total length of protection for your insect repellent solution is essential.


  • Avoid heavy and large spray bottles/containers. Save weight for vital supplies such as water and food.
  • Avoid bottles/containers with non-secured closure systems. A faulty spray cap could easily contaminate your backpack and make everything inside useless.
  • Try to find alternatives to DEET as it can harm outdoor gear and clothing made with synthetic fabrics. A higher DEET concentration on the bottle means more damages to certain rubber, plastic, vinyl and elastic materials.

Best insect repellent solutions:

At PARA'KITO, our recommendation is combining 2 products: a Roll-on Gel - targeted skin application - for peak mosquito hours; and a Portable Diffuser (Refillable Wristband and/or Clip) as a constant day and night protection.

1. Roll-on Gel

  • Weight: 1.5 oz
  • Duration: minimum of 2 months (with 4 applications per day)
  • Application: simply use the roller head to draw a few lines on your exposed skin areas (neck, arms and legs). With a secured closure system and a compact size, this insect repellent solution will become your best companion.

2. Portable Diffuser (Band & Clip)

  • Weight: 1.0 oz
  • Duration: up to 15 days
  • Application: simply open the protective sachet and place the pellet into the bracelet/clip. It will immediately start diffusing its natural mosquito repellent formula. Waterproof and refillable, this portable device will protect you from mosquitoes around the clock for up to 15 days.

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