Exploring the Amazon Forest - Best Insect Protection?

Exploring the Amazon Forest - Best Insect Protection?

 Exploring the Amazon Rainforest is a dream come true! It is a biodiversity wonderland unequaled anywhere in the world. With that being said it is easy to understand how mosquitoes and other bugs are going to be part of the experience. In fact, the Amazonia is the perfect breeding grounds for hundreds of mosquito species.

Being prepared is important not just because mosquitos may transmit dangerous diseases but mainly because you may not find effective mosquito repellent products locally.

Here is a complete list of things you should consider:

1. Cover Your Skin

    Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants (optional: mosquito head net or scarf to protect your neck). Treat clothing and gear whenever possible.

    Tip: prefer nylon and polyester wick moisture, keeping your skin dry. Mosquitoes can bite through skin-thigh clothing so ample clothes

    2. Use Insect Repellent (Spray and Wearable Diffuser)

    PARA’KITO Insect Repellent Spray is sweat-resistant and lasts up to 8 hours. Being in a hot and humid environment comes with challenges that conventional bug repellent products are simply NOT going to take.

    We recommend wearing one mosquito repellent wristband/clip in combination with a topical skin protection (Spray). It will help reduce your mosquito appeal and it is easy to use and waterproof.

    Tip: It is recommended to apply sunscreen first before applying your insect repellent. Hold insect repellent spray bottle 6-8 inches (15-30 cm) away from your exposed skin. Mist in a slow sweeping motion. No need to shake, sipe or let it set. It works immediately!

    3. Keep Mosquitoes Away from Your Hotel Room

    If you have mosquito screens on the windows and doors, check for holes at arrival. Use air conditioning whenever possible as it will keep mosquitoes away.

    Tip: Use a mosquito net above your bed if you are unable to stay in a place with air conditioning or window and door screens.

    After Traveling: if you traveled and feel sick, particularly if you have a fever, talk to a healthcare provider, and tell them about your travel.

    For more information visit the CDC website (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) - Useful article: Take Steps to Prevent Bug Bites During Your Trip

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