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Are PARA’KITO™ products safe for babies and children?

The essential oils in our PARA’KITO™ pellets are safe for even the youngest. However, knowing that little fingers like to put almost everything into their mouths, we recommend that our products are kept out of reach of young children when not in use. The intensive nature of our roll-on gel means it is not recommended for children under six (6) months.

Are PARA’KITO™ products safe for pregnant women?

Yes, the PARA’KITO™ products are safe for pregnant women.

How long do the refills work for?

Once opened, each refill lasts for 15 consecutive days.

What size are the refillable bands?

Our one-size-fits-all band can be adjusted to a length from 6.30in (kids) to 9.00in (adults). Each band is 9.85in long, 1.18in wide and 0.11in thick.

How do I wash the bands and clips?

Hand wash with a mild detergent.

Are the bands and clips effective when wet?

Yes. Even after a swim, our refills will still protect you efficiently.


Can I still be bitten while using PARA’KITO™ products?

Used correctly, our protection products will significantly reduce the risk of you being bitten by a mosquito. In areas of high mosquito infestation, you might want to double-up your PARA’KITO™ repellent by using a combination of products, e.g. an ankle band + wrist band or wrist band + roll-on gel, etc.

Do PARA’KITO™ products protect me against other biting insects?

All of our repellent products have been exclusively tested against mosquitoes.

In which conditions can I use PARA’KITO™?

Anywhere, anyhow, anytime — our clips and bands are designed for use inside or outside and in any environment. The roll-on gel is not waterproof and works efficiently in infested areas.

Why do mosquitoes bite us?

Only female mosquitoes bite people - the proteins in our blood help them produce eggs.

How do mosquitoes find us?

Unfortunately, this is a simple question with a not-so simple answer. Please see our blog post for the full story, including why some people get bitten more than others.

Why do I need to protect against mosquito bites?

At best, mosquito bites are itchy and invisible. At worst, they pose a real health risk. In certain areas, mosquitoes carry dangerous diseases such as dengue, chikungunya or West Nile virus, which they can pass on to humans when they bite.


How do I log in to my account?

Go to www.us.parakito.com/user and enter the following information.

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Where can I buy PARA’KITO™ products?

Right here! Our super-convenient online store is ready to take your order. If you’d like to visit an actual, real-life shop, please contact us.