Maud Le Car Won The French Championship!

November 14, 2018, 0 comments, on Follow The Maud

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On October 22nd, in Hossegor (southwestern France), Maud Le Car was sacred “Champion of France” for the first time of her career.

Shortened the day before because of a thick fog, the surf France championship took things up a notch on October 22nd, attributing 8 titles, including open and women categories, where Maud added her name to the national hit list for the first time.

To get there, she had to face the triple France champion, Cannelle Bulard, which she did with brio, taking the title home.

“It was cool to surf against Cannelle. […] She’s a formidable competitor. So I wanted to take good waves, let go and have fun”, said Maud. “This victory is for my Saint-Martin island, for all the people who have the courage to get involved every day in rebuilding the island”, she added, associating her success to her “rock”, sorely affected by the devastating hurricane Irma in September 2017.

The highlights of the competition (find Maud at 0:46)

Congrats Maud! We’re very proud of you!


Congrats Maud! We’re very proud of you!



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